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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Child Labour / pregnant Women.

On the part of the world where I come from (GHANA) , even today I still see children who do not go to school, especially in the Northern part of Ghana. Most of these children are denied their rights and are forced into serving people who are blessed some how. These children are abused and some are even raped by their masters. Others move to the southern part of Ghana and engage them selves into prostitution, armed robbery and so on. And also most child homes have turned out to be lions den for most kids who live there ,some mothers of the homes treat the kids as if they came to the orphanage in their own interest, and have forgotten that what those children are going through today might happen to their grandchildren , some are so heartless that they sell items that are given to the kids by people as charity, if I were rich I would have adopted all those kids and save them from the hands of those devils that call them selves orphanage mothers. Why have we become prey to our fellow human beings. God help us all . I want to ask you a question: What will be your reaction when you see your children, sisters or brothers in a state like this?
Have you ever seen a pregnant Woman dying before, simply because she could not afford medication which cost just 15 GH Cedis (this amount is not even up to $10.oo) . Lets join hands and think about the needy , No body knows tomorrow . they might turn out to save our world. Just think deeply about this. I am not any different human being, I am just like you and It's my greatest dream to reach out to the world and tell them the stories of life , I am a young guy who has been through quite hard times in life and I am still trying to do my best for the world . what do you have for the world? ask you self after you have finish eaten that, has everybody enjoy like I have just done? when you are throwing away you old cloths think about the need because they need it. everything you think is not good for you as a blessed person, it is good for the needy. I am pledging my self to the service of the world . what are you doing for the world.
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